DNA Collection Has Never Been Faster, Cleaner, Easier. 

Allflex® Tissue Sampling Units (TSUs) quickly capture clean, high-quality DNA. One squeeze and you are ready for genomics in breeding and marketing. Plus, matched sets of Allflex TSUs, EID tags and custom visual tags make it easier to link performance data to genetics to market demand, authenticating your brand of cattle in the supply chain. 

Welcome to digital identification. Let’s go. 
Anatomy of a TSU Matched Pair Set

Allflex Tissue Sample Unit (TSU)

• The best – fastest, cleanest, easiest DNA collection
• Reliable sample quality for your genomics investment
• Use same ID number for performance and genetic data  
• Make faster genetic gains in your herd
Allflex Electronic Identification (EID) Tag

• With the wave of a wand, you control your data 
• Authenticate your cattle 
• Enable sorting of program cattle at the speed of commerce
• Fits with feeder- and processor-installed RFID panel readers 
Allflex Custom Visual Tag

Clear text - Easy to spot individual animals 
• Uses same number as EID and TSU
• Customize your operation numbering system
• Include your logo, operation name or other identifier
How To Purchase TSU Matched Pair Sets
The Custom Cattle Tag Store is equipped to take your order for matched sets of EID, TSU and Visual ID products. You may customize your order by color, style or EID series and unique numbering system. Please allow sufficient time to print and ship custom visual tags. If you have any questions, please visit with your preferred retailer or contact your Allflex representative.

Questions? Visit us at https://www.allflex.global/na/contact-us/ or 800-989-TAGS